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How Bad times prevent In Poker

All of us have experienced hard times in poker. Times when you feel everything is against you. Your pocket aces lose every time, and you can run into pocket aces, if you have pocket kings. The list can be long.

The frightening thing about these bad times in poker is that it does not happen at a chosen time. For some people it is just might last a day, but for others it will last for more than two months. However, you should not worry, everyone will experience the same amount of negative variance.

The people who dealt with the best of these periods a great advantage to players who treat it worse. Why? Well, there are a lot of players that much to tip when they are in bad times, thus losing ten buy-ins in a day is not unusual for them. Personnel involved in these times can better treat and understand that it’s time to quit gradually or in limits only loosely three buy-ins. That’s a big difference.

Many of these people, which is tilted and lost ten buy-ins in one day they ask: “Have I been unlucky today, or what to lose” and of course they have to be answered: “Of course it was because I lost 2 outers my first two buy-ins.”

Ok, then I want to ask: “Ok, so how the hell did you lose the other eight buyins?”. Many players are tipped to forget that because of the slope. There is a big difference between losing two buy-ins than lose ten buy-ins. Often they remember only the times when they were outdrawn and forget about the other eight buy-ins that they, while they lost on tilt.

How is it possible, from a successful poker player to a losing player back that a winning player, and then go back? This is a very simple answer, the tilt control. This is often what the best players are different from the good players, they handle bad times strong.

There is a tendency that those without tilt control lose a lot of their bankroll makes in a meeting, and they have by playing badly lost most of it and have not been unhappy at all. Many players have different tolerance levels, perhaps a limit to how many buy-ins you can lose before you start feeling uncomfortable or in other words start tipping. The only way to prevent this is to control yourself better to start to get a higher tolerance limit, or you should stop playing and take a break.

How long should I take a break? That depends on how long you are inclined, if you feel that you. From your A-game you should not play, and this is very different from player to player, as long as you are inclined So the main point here is to make, until you feel well a break and start playing your A-game again.

So why should not I play when I’m not playing my A-game? Now your edge is not so big that you think, and the higher stakes you should hit play you really play your A-game.

What to do incline? Tilt is a bad animal, and everyone experiences it from time to time, but in different qualities. The slope changes the way you play, more than you think. You start playing looser and more aggressive, like a madman. You are putting yourself in extreme situations a lot and you think you bad luck if you lose them, but in fact you are not, you just play bad poker are.

This was followed by a lot of people think about what they have done wrong when they lost ten buy-ins in 2 hours, and they begin to analyze their game and they to the point that they get played like an idiot . Ok fair enough.

But it is here, where people make a big mistake by the way they play because of this bad time and tipping. Adjust their game in the opposite direction to tilt; they start very close to play and very passive. You will begin to wait for the nuts and stack their opponents but that will not happen because you really bad (narrow, passive) to get this table image. So this is something you really should not do.

How can we prevent bad times? This is of course very different from poker player poker players, but the best way for everyone to get it is to prevent start practice your self-control and so always better tilt control. There are very few people who are able to get around this, and it takes time to learn. To start practicing the lost, for example, when you play a really hard time at a table and you have four buy-ins. Ok, that’s a start, but how to try only three buy-ins the next time to lose? I do not know, you should stop playing immediately if you lose a few buy-ins start. I mean to finish that you can play, if you believe that your game is not as good as it usually. You should rules in the way you best put the feeling, and you should follow them. If you have started getting better tilt ontrol.

Another good thing to do if you are in a really bad time there, in the drop-down inserts is to start to beat worse players and to build confidence again, because I can guarantee you that you need it.

If nothing work from the previous tips, you should consider taking a break. Nothing could be better sometimes than a needy pause to gather new energy and confidence. A great tips if you’re taking a break to start to analyze your game, you will then find leaks in your game that can repair when you sit down at the table again.

Ok, that’s all for this time. I hope you enjoyed the article, and that there are a few good use.

Marcus Vretling Pistelli
Pokerhunting.com & Pokerjakt.se