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Planning Poker Game Menu

I consider pizza to be a finger food because you eat it with your hands, but many good pizzas need two hands to eat and to catch a plate of the fat. The biggest problem is that while you do not eat are able to hold your cards and if you get your hands on fat, it winds up on the cards.
When trying to plan out your poker game menu, remember that some things like chili need to get up constantly to get more to serve your guests and will take away from the poker game. Remember, the wrong poker game food will ruin a poker game.
The best foods are served cold or cooked if you are willing to put in the time before the game starts, are shown. I am often cut some fajitas before the game and then leave them on a tray into small bite-sized pieces. This allows players to some pieces on a plate and eat it with one hand while continuing to play. You have to get up to refill their plate from time to time, but it should have plenty of time if they kept near the poker table.
Subs or heroes are also good for fast food, but I have found that packages are even better. If right-wound the food will fall inside and not stay on the poker table. Foods, all of which can spill over the place cause problems. If something gets on their clothes they will run to the toilet and are sure to keep up the game for at least 5 minutes.
Another important thing to consider is the drinks that you are going to serve to your poker game. Everyone likes to have a beer or two while playing poker, so make sure you have a couple of beers on hand, but you may not want to load the heavy drinkers, if you want to play some good poker. If some of the players get drunk on beer or liquor they play bad and ruin the game for others and is supported on many trips to the bathroom, so the game every time to stop.
Another reason for not wanting to drunk your friends to get around, is because if the lose their money while drunk the next day they can start to build resentment for taking his money while he was drunk, even though he is the one is to come to play poker, and is wasted. I have many friendships end for just this reason.
I recommend that no more than a case of beer for five friends and put off the hard stuff. He announces when one of your friends married or his wife’s pregnant or something else that deserves a toast, then you can bust the good stuff and make a round of shots is.
Now of course, if the main purpose of your regular poker game is just hang out and the poker is only a pretext for getting out of the house, then you can ignore these suggestions, but if you are serious about your poker game I recommend you put some thought into your food.